Crazy Times

I am still living in denial that it is already December of 2012.  This year has flown by, and I know this month will do the same.  As I sit here on December 3 typing this, it is 73 degrees outside.  Talk about crazy times.  My kids are hoping for some snow this year as they got none last year.

This weekend we were going to go as a family to see the “The Grinch”  at the Granada Theater  in town, and then attend the Christmas parade.  Instead Mark came down with pneumonia on Thursday and spent the weekend sick and unable to speak.  I am so thankful to my mother-in-law, for taking my two little ones so that I could still take the older three to the movie and parade.  It was fun, although we all wished Daddy could have been with us.

We forgot to bring bags of for any candy they got at the parade.  My children can be very creative though, they turned their coats around back wards zipped them up and put the candy in the hoods.

I am looking forward to this week, Jay’s birthday tomorrow.  Can’t believe he is going to be 8.  A cookie exchange with friends.  And taking the kids to see a performance of the Nutcracker.



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