When I grow up…

The kids were talking the other day and it went something like this.  Jayden When I grow up I’m going to be a painter like Daddy.  Timmy When I grow up I’m going to be a pilot, no a painter, no a pilot, no a painter like Daddy, no I think I really want to be a pilot.  Ally When I grow up I’m going to be a gardener, and grow flowers and sell them, except the ones I like. Jessica When I grow up I’m going to be a princess.  This was said with a very dreamy look in her eye.

Well for Timmy I think perhaps a painter is not his best choice.  A few days later Mark took him to work for the day.  It started out well, they stopped for a treat at the gas station, which put a great smile on Timmy’s face.  Then off to work.  While Mark patched a wall Timmy decided to check out the strange pipes coming out of the ground in the middle of the room.  It had a nice little lever on it.  Yep, that was the water pipes, Timmy decided to pull the lever, Mark with something in both hands finally kicked the lever back to the off position, and then got to proceed in drying off the wall, and the drop ceiling that was now soaking wet.

As the day continued it became more apparent Timmy  had chosen rightly in not being a painter.  To end the lovely day, they were at  a customers home, dropping off an invoice, and she was enjoying talking to Timmy, who had strict instructions not to talk unless spoken to and not to touch anything.  Well he politely responded when asked if he wanted a drink with yes.  He was given grape juice of course.  In trying to nicely place the cup on the counter after his drink he hit the side of the counter and spilled the juice all over the Bose radio and remote.

Well he made it home alive but I don’t think he will get to go on a work day with Dad for some time.


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