Holiday World

During Ally’s Birthday Party, Grandma got a wild idea.  She asked me if I would go to Holiday World with her the next day, taking five of the grandkids.  Ummmm…. seriously, Holiday World with 5 kids, and two adults.  For those who don’t know, Holiday World is an amusement Park/ Water park.  I was able to find a babysitter for my two little ones.  I don’t think they could have made it through a day like that. And off we went the next morning.

Loaded Up
Jayden – Ally – Kate – (Josaphia) – Tim – Elisa

Lunch at Denny’s

They ate two bags of doritos and some animal crackers on the two hour drive over.  They were begging for drinks so we decided to get lunch before reaching the park.

Bumper Boats

Ally – Kate – Jayden – Elisa

They all wanted to ride on this ride.  Poor Tiny Tim was too small.  Kate was a bit worried at this point, and Ally was excited.  But by the time it started, Kate was having a blast and Ally was terrified.  She would scream, and the grit her teeth for all she was worth, and repeat till the ride was over.  Unfortunately I have to admit that both Grandma and I were laughing.

Poor Ally

Several of the kids wanted to go on a real roller coaster.  We talked them into trying out a kids one first.  Jayden said no way from the start, while in line, Ally and Elisa decided they were either.  Tim and Kate made it on, Kate loved it, Tim was a bit small and kept hitting his head on the side.  Elisa ended up riding with me, and loved it, especially when I informed her that Uncle Mark screams like a little girl on roller coasters.  Kate still wanted to ride a big one, so we were picking which one, when she says “I don’t want to ride one today, I will ride one when I am 12.”

Tim & Kate

Grandma – Tim – Ally

Then we headed to the water park.  We had so much fun, the kids loved the wave pool, and the kids play area was a big hit.  They loved the water slides.  I tried to get Ally and Tim to ride one of the big water slides with the inter tubes with me.  Tim – I will ride with you, Really?  Lets go then!  I will ride with you when I’m an adult.  Ally – I will ride with you later.  We are going to leave in an hour we need to do it now if we are going too.  Then no.  Oh well maybe next time.  After we left the water park my kids all declared Holiday World is the most fun ever Mom. Thanks Grandma for such a great memory!

Worn Out but Happy

We stopped for Wendy’s on the way home, the kids all got frosty’s!  Poor Kate wasn’t feeling well though.


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