Family Travel

June has been a month of traveling so far.  Traveling with 5 kids has it’s challenges but we really enjoy it and so do they.

The first weekend of June we went to Ohio.  A friend of ours graduated from high-school, and we didn’t want to miss his graduation party.  Plus we missed all our Ohio friends.  So we spent a few days there visiting.

We took the kids to huge 4 story indoor playland.  We also checked out a children’s science museum.  That was a lot of fun, the kids enjoyed it but I think the adults had more fun.

Kenna, Mark & Kids at Science Center

Cana – Timmy – Ally – Jessica – Kenna
The kids were in trouble Cana wanted to join them

We also took the kids to the zoo.

Tim – Jay – Ally – Jess at the zoo

Cana – Teagan

Teagan loved the Goats – Guess we’ll have to get some when we move.

We were home for 3 days before taking off for Missouri and a family reunion.  We stayed in three cabins at Lake of the Ozarks with Marks parents and Brothers and their families.

We had a blast fishing, swimming, and hanging out.

The Cousins

Awesome Splash Pad and Pool
Jackson – Tim – Jacob – Jess

We took the kids to Bagnell Dam, and let them play skee ball.

Ice Cream

Prizes from the tickets won, playing skee ball and other games

We went to a go-kart track.  They all loved that.

Loved Teagan’s Hair

Jackson + Jessica + Jacob = Trouble

Now we are home and good thing as things are starting to pick up into a whirlwind.  VBS, buying a home, and lots of work.


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