Little Girls

I have a few Ally stories to share today.  I love my Ally girl, she is so sweet and kind.  She lives in what we like to call Ally world. 

The other day Grandma Black was watching the kids while I ran some errands.  Ally came up to Grandma and says “ Grandma could you help me out? Mom is trying to squeeze me into size 4 underwear, no one will listen to me I need some bigger underwear”. Mind you she never told me her underwear wasn’t fitting her.  Just so you know the poor girl got some size 6 underwear that night.

This weekend was a big weekend for me.  I turned 30!  It was also a bit hard for me as I was born on my Daddy’s birthday.  One of Mark’s cousins was getting married this weekend so Mark and I got to make a weekend of it.  Some wonderful friends took the kids for the weekend, and Mark and I got to spend some time just the two of us.  The first night we get a call from our friends asking how we handle booboos.  Seems my accident prone daughter (she comes by it rightfully from her mother) was jumping on the trampoline, face planted and put her teeth through her lip.  She was well taken care of got glued up and sutured up.  Mark talked to her later, she said she was very brave. 




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  1. LaVaughn Said:

    Hoping you and your family are continuing to find comfort and healing on your dad’s passing. Happy Birthday, Cole! So glad you and Mark got away for a bit!

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