Hit Me with Your Best Shot

The kids have been rather restless today.   Jessica has been out of sorts for the last three days, as has Teagan who I think at 14 months is actually trying to get some more teeth.  She currently only has two bottom ones.

Today I was on the phone, and heard a child bawling.  I get off the phone walk outside, and Timmy is just standing in the driveway tears rolling down his cheeks, bawling.  I get Timmy, Jay, and Ally inside and ask what happened.  First no response. Ok guys I need to know what happened.  So Ally pipes up – Jayden threw a rock at Timmy’s foot.  I look at his foot and sure enough it is quite red.  Jayden why did you throw a rock at your brother. Well he was singing “hit me with your best shot”.  I have to admit I was not able to keep a straight face.




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  1. LaVaughn Said:

    I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face either! I laughed reading it! Miss you all….

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