March Madness

Wow!  First of all I can’t believe it’s March, and second I can’t believe March is more than half over.  This has been a crazy month, it’s been full of family time, fun, sad times, trials, and triumphs.

Mark has been working a lot lately, days and nights for at least half the week.  This past Saturday, that happened to be St. Patrick’s Day, (that will be important in a later story I have to tell), he got to stay at home.  Well not really at home, but we at least got to tag along with him as he did his bids.  The boys got their hair cut.  First time that I didn’t do it myself.  Timmy did great, thought it was great fun, but couldn’t keep his mouth shut and kept getting hair in it.  Jayden on the other hand, was practically terrified of going.   He does not like to go out of his comfort zone at all.  Once he was in the chair, the girl cutting his hair asked if he was doing ok, Jayden who wouldn’t talk much, shook his head.  She asked what was wrong and he replies “there is hair all over me”.  She kindly apologized and promised to get it all of, even used her blow dryer to make sure.  Good grief!

Later we also went to the park and walked around the pond.  Ally was very excited, she skipped up next to me and says “so many people are excited today, and I am excited too!” Why is that Ally?  She looked at me like I was crazy for not knowing already, “we get to wear green today”. Silly me.

We also got to go hear Rick Santorum who was visiting here in Mt. Vernon.  The kids did pretty good.  It was neat to be in that atmosphere.   The Duggar Family was also there.  Quite an exciting visit for Mt. Vernon.

Then we got to have the first grilled burgers and brats of the season with as my kids say “the cousins”.  So much fun hanging out with family.  And our unusually warm weather has allowed us to enjoy it sooner than normal.  I am loving this spring weather we are having.

Jayden and Timothy new haircuts

Jayden and Timothy - New Haircuts


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