Happy Valentines Day

I enjoy Valentines Day, but not for the traditional reason.  I really enjoy celebrating it with my kids.  (Ok, I am not saying I don’t enjoy it for me, I do enjoy getting acknowledged also).  My kids love to make things and give them to people.  Yesterday we pretty much took the day off of school, they made valentines all morning, and colored pictures for Mark and I.  Jayden even made up a valentines game, we haven’t played it yet, because he forgot about it when Mark got home.  (There are little hearts hidden all over my house, he won’t tell me what the game is though. )   We made cookies and decorated them.

When Ally got up I showed her my flowers

Flowers From Mark

Her response started off just how I thought, oh they are so beautiful, then, I wish I got a valentines gift, but kids don’t.  This was said in the most pitiful voice with the most pitiful face.  That’s when we pulled out their Valentine boxes of Chocolates, and made her day.

Jayden was so excited about Valentines Day, and all the plans he had that he got all dressed up for the day, so did Teagan.

Valentines Outfit

My Baby Valentine

The kids and I made sugar cookies, they were a great help, in making, and especially in decorating the cookies.

The Munchkins


Best Sugar Cookies I have ever made

Then my hubby and I had our traditional Valentines Dinner at home, with some extras this year.  Our first Valentines Day, he got me a gift but didn’t think about dinner till late in the afternoon.  He also knew I don’t like being out in large crowded places.  So he went to Kroger, picked out steak, and all the sides.  Came home and helped me cook it.  We have done this for Valentines Day ever since.  Now with kids, we feed them early with pizza or something and send them to their rooms to watch a movie, till we finish our dinner.

It was soooo good!

And my sweet hubby, got me a gift card to get a massage, mani, and pedi.  So excited to schedule that day.



  1. LaVaughn Said:

    The kids are getting sooooo big! Such sweeties….this was fun to read. What great traditions you have!

  2. Making traditions is the best part of having a family. The late fancy dinner is one of our favourites. Another favourite of the children was backwards day. We woke them up with a story, had banana splits for breakfast, watched a fun movie in our pyjamas then ended the day with breakfast for dinner. The kids would wear their clothes backwards and do there schoolwork backwards, they would recite bible verses backwards, it was a silly day but they still remember it. I enjoy your blog!

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