Happy Birthday Mark!

Today is his actual birthday.  30 years old, or as he likes to say 3 decades old.

Ally came into our room this morning, crawled into bed on his side and whispered happy birthday Daddy.  Then continued with “ewww….  you smell like mushrooms!”  We still don’t know what she was talking about.

After church we took Mark out for lunch at the Mexican restaurant.  We had them sing to him and he got to wear the sombrero.

When we got home the kids wanted to give him presents.  They had all made cards for him.  Ally had made so many cards I finally had to tell her she wasn’t allowed to make him anymore.  Timmy’s cards had nothing written in them, just a bunch of stickers.

This is Mark’s favorite of Ally’s cards it is a self portrait, Mark said she looks like she is ready to beat someone up.

Ally's Card to Mark

This is a kite Jayden made for Mark:

Jay's Kite for Mark

Jayden then handed him a little wrapped package and said it was his present to him.  Mark opened it and inside was a rusty paint can opener.  Jayden says “it’s mine but I don’t take very good care of it, so you can have it.”  


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