Operation Birthday Party Surprise

It is my dear husbands 30th birthday this weekend.  In honor of that milestone, I wanted to throw him a surprise birthday party.  I was struggling to decide what to do, when my wonderful sister-in-law suggested that he loved Sherlock Holmes, why not do a detective Party.  I liked the thought of that and as I continued to brainstorm with her, she suggested a murder mystery dinner.  PERFECT!

Now to pull it off.  It was planned for the evening of February 10th.  Everyone could come, everyone was in on the surprise part.  Mark was supposed to be working that day.  Things were going well.

The last two weeks his business has been doing very well, and he has been getting ridiculously crazy with work.  He is working late and leaving early.  Well normally I hate this, but it worked out well for this week.  He isn’t around to mess up the surprise.  He is very good at messing up surprises.  Because he has been working late I tell him I have invited one of our friends over on Friday night and he needs to be home by 6:30.  No problem he says.

Then begins his operation mess up my surprise birthday party.  He calls me on Thursday morning.  Hey the job is going great, do you mind if I work late.  No. Go ahead (now I have all evening to work on getting things ready.) Things are going great!  Then he calls me Thursday afternoon, Hey I think I am going to work all night and take tomorrow off, I have a bid to do in the afternoon but then I will be home the rest of the day. Oh, really. Ok.  You need to make sure you get some sleep, remember we are having people over.  No problem I will be fine.  I call my sister-in-law to vent, we try to come up with a plan to at least get him out of the house for a little just before the party so I can set up.  I text my friends who I told him are coming for dinner that night, they are trying to think of a plan to help get him out.  No plan yet.

I go to bed.  Wake up at 6:30am, he is still not home.  I call him, he is still painting and has been all night, planning on painting a few more hours.  The job is an hour away. Then coming home and sleeping for a bit before his bid.  Now I have pictures going through my head of him sleeping through the whole birthday party.  Oh and did I mention, I have to print out more stuff for the murder mystery part of the surprise, and I ran out of printer Ink, of which he is supposed to bringing to me so I can finish.  AHHHHHHHHHH.   (It is currently 8am on Friday Morning and I am wondering if I can still pull this off. I will update later)

So it is 1pm on Friday now.  Plans have changed again.  He is still not home.  He worked until 11:30, giving himself enough time to go and do his bid.  He still needs to pick up my ink cartridge.  I sure hope he sleeps well this afternoon.  We are planning on everyone coming in as quite as possible.  Me waking him up and telling him that Joel and Ginny are here.  Come out and SURPRISE!!!  I sure hope the rest of the day goes as planned.

Well it’s 4pm, after finishing 3 bids, instead of just the one he told me about, he is at Walmart checking out with my printer ink.  I think he is slightly delusional.  Well Operation Birthday Party Surprise we may actually pull this off.

Well it’s 5pm, he won’t go to bed and I am trying to set up.  Hmmmmm…. what to do.  So I banned him to the other side of the house.  He obviously realizes something is going on but doesn’t know what.



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  1. Lisa Said:

    Happy Birthday Mark. Hope everything worked out. Sounds like fun…

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