30th Birthday Party Accomplished!

Well it didn’t go as I had planned, but he was very surprised, and everyone had lots of fun.  I do wonder how much he will remember in the morning though, as he had been awake for over 36 hours when the party started and was well on his way to 41 hrs by the time he actually got to bed.  So thankful for my husband who works so hard to provide for his family.  Thanks babe!

Each of the 5 couples who were coming came at different times.  Mark was banned to the side of the house away from the family room and out of the kitchen.  He knew Joel and Ginny were coming, but Jimmy and Diana showed up first.  Mark was completely confused why they were dressed up in costumes.  Jimmy did an awesome job of telling him all about his character but not telling him what was going on.  It still didn’t click with him that it was a birthday party either.  After a while Linda showed up, dressed up and with more stuff.  More confusion.  Joel and Ginny showed up, and he wanted to know why he didn’t get to be somebody else.  Once I finally got everything printed off, set up and all I finally allowed him to go find out who is character was and get dressed.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but he still had no clue really what was going on.  Eric, showed up and soon after Joel and Olivia, this really confused him.  “What are you doing here?”  When Neil and Steph showed up, he was so completely in shock.  He did figure out that it was for his 30th birthday, but we had to tell him that it was a murder mystery party.  We had a blast.  Thanks to all of you who helped me pull it off.

Murder Mystery Dinner – 1940’s Wartime England – D-day  -1

Timmy Cadaver

Phillipe de Pimpernell

Johnny Ace

Zaza Bestovspy

Arthur Underhand

Arthur Underhand

William Hammer & Verity Lushous

Bertie Burrell & Lady Daphne Cadaver

Johnny Ace & Julia Goodcatch

Kitty Foxglove Arthur Underhand



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