Winter is here!

I am sitting in my house listening to the wind blow like a freight train around us.  It is a dreary day with grey clouds in the sky, bare trees blowing in the wind, 56 degrees,  and every now and then the wind sounds more like a howl.  I am thankful we have a house that we are inside of and heat.  This is a typical January day here in the Midwest, but very different from the weather we had a week ago.  Last week we went from weather that was in the 60’s to two days of snow.

The snow got the kids excited, they were getting dressed in their new gear they got for Christmas and praying enough snow would cover their world so they could go sledding (their other great Christmas gift).  Alas, not enough snow came and it didn’t stick around for very long, but long enough for a short snow ball fight between the older three. The kids have been praying for snow, and I have been praying for April to come quickly.  I am not a cold weather girl. I have a feeling they will get their prayers answered and I will just have to bundle up or stay in for the next few months.

I was thinking about how a year ago in January I  hit some ice in our van and totaled it.  Last week driving home a deer ran into the side of my van and I am now waiting for the adjuster to show up so we can get it fixed.  My vans and the month of January don’t seem to mix real well.  Jayden wasn’t even in the van when the deer ran into us, but he is very protective of his mommy, and doesn’t want me out driving.  I think he also still has some flashbacks to our accident last year.



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