This Weeks Favorite Conversations With My Kids

I love the conversations I have with my kids, or some of the things they say.  These are a few from the past few weeks.  (  I know there are more and may add more when I remember them.


Mom I know you want to get me toys for Christmas, but that’s not what I want.  Oh really, what do you want?  I want a new heart.  (now thinking he was talking about a literal heart, because he has SVT) ummm…. well…. why do you want  a new heart?  Well because I don’t want to do bad things anymore, and I want to love all people.  (Me finally getting it) Well you know only Jesus can give you a new heart right?  Yeah, I have been praying about it.  Well if you have any more questions or if you get a new heart you talk to Mommy or Daddy ok? OK

While in California, we slept in the upstairs barn, there is no bathroom and so the boys were allowed to go off the deck at night.  So after having Mark explain to Tim and Jay about not going off the deck during the day, Jays says “but we can go off the deck at the dark of day right?  ummm…. well in the event of a total solar eclipse then you have our permission to go off the deck in the dark of day.  


(there are some cocktail sausages sitting on the counter in their package defrosting)  Mom I know these are little hot dogs and we call them carrots, because there are carrots inside, and that’s why we call them carrots right?  Um no dear, we call them little sausages because they are little sausages.  Oh!

(We were outside at a friends house and there were a bunch of cats and kittens)  Oh daddy, look at the flock of cats.  ( A few minutes later driving down the road a flock of birds fly out of a field)  Did you see that school of birds?


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