Yesterday morning Ally fell off a stool and hurt her hand.  She was a bit of a drama queen, it hurt to touch it and she didn’t want anyone close to it.  She was still able to wiggle her fingers and move her arm around a bit, so we didn’t think it was broken.  When she woke up this morning she was not able to get herself out of bed, because of the pain of her arm.  After she got up and moved around a bit she was feeling some better but still in pain, and her hand and wrist were swollen.  So we made a doctors appointment for her to make sure it wasn’t broken.

After spending some time at the park it was time for her appointment.  She told me as we walked in that she was going to be very brave for the doctor.  So when the nurse stated asking her about her wrist and had her move it around, Ally would grimace and say “it doesn’t hurt at all”.  So when before the doctor came in we had to have a talk about how she could still be brave and tell the doctor when it hurt.

She got sent for xrays and was quite worried about the whole procedure.  She liked the idea of someone taking pictures of her bones, but was disappointed that she didn’t get to see the pictures.  Someone in the waiting room gave her a dollars worth of quarters, and she also got a sucker and some other candy.  Thankfully her wrist is not broken and she just needs to let it heal.  Ally enjoyed the attention, and has informed everyone that she was a very brave girl today, and she was.


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