Trouble with a Capitol T(immy)

Timmy is Timmy!  We say this a lot in our house.  Timmy is my lovable, full of mischief, snugly, always in trouble, little boy.  I wouldn’t know what to do without Timmy, and their are many days I don’t know what to do with Timmy.  This past week has been a week of not knowing what to do with Timmy.

Timmy takes his naps in my room, one because he won’t sleep if he is not in a dark quite room. Two because it is closer to where I am during nap times, so that I can keep an ear on him. I have found him in my closet dressing in Mark and I’s clothes and shoes (yes I said mine too, he really likes my heels with jewels on them.)  He plays in the water in the bathroom, he gets into drawers, he plays with my makeup, ect. In my bathroom, on the top shelf of a cabinet I have a small stash of my favorite candy and chocolate.  I had recieved some See’s Candy, that you can only get in California, and which a friend had mailed to me.  Well Timmy found it this week.  I heard a noise and went in and he had his guilty Timmy face on.  I asked if he touched my stuff and he nodded.  As I got closer he had chocolate on his face.  I don’t know how he was able to reach it but he did.  Thankfully for him he only had a small bite of one piece.

Then this week he has been waking up with random food items from the kitchen in his bed with him.  As best we can figure he is waking up in the middle of the night, getting stuff from the kitchen and going back to sleep with it. Items include, box of taffy, bottle of honey.

Well Mommy disciplining the boy wasn’t doing much good as things continued to disappear, be messed with, or destroyed.  So Daddy had to step in and take over this past weekend.  So far Timmy has been behaving much better.




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