Financial Differences

We went to a local craft fair on Saturday.  The kids had fun in the children’s area doing things that I rarely let them do at home, as I don’t like cleaning up the mess.  In this area there was a Children’s Store.  The crafters had donated items that the children could purchase at a discount rate.  The prices being $1, $3, or $5.

My children before leaving the house had talked Mark and I into allowing them to bring their birthday money.  Jayden had $7.37, Ally had $13, and Timmy had $8.  So when they saw the store they all asked to go in.  Now adults are not allowed to enter with them, it is so that they can learn to shop and choose something on their own.

Jayden comes out after a bit, and says that their was nothing he wanted to buy.  We told him that was fine, you don’t just spend money to spend it.

Ally and Timmy come out and say they found nothing.  We said ok and were about to leave when they both decided to go back in and look one more time.  They both ended up finding blown glass balls, that look like Christmas ornaments. Of course these special items were from the $5 dollar table. When the lady told them five dollars, Ally hands her a $1 bill.  The lady says that’s not enough money.  Ally looks at Mark and says, “but it’s money.”  He helped her give the right amount.  Then it’s Timmy’s turn to pay.  He just hands her his whole stack of money and was going to leave, giving her $3 over what he owed.

Now back to Jayden, he had seen a boy walking around with a wooden rubber band gun and really like the looks of it.  So we searched for the craft booth that was selling them.  Jayden carefully went through each item in the booth, and tested out a few.  He picked which one he wanted and excitedly counted out his money.  He is playing with his gun and loving it, and proud he still has his $1.37 left.

It is interesting to see each of their differences with money.  I know most of their view of money is age at this point, but some of it is personality.  I am hoping to teach my children a healthy view of money, how to save, give, and spend.  I want them to learn now how to handle money so that when they are older they will not make costly mistakes.  I want them to be know that you have to work to earn money, and not expect to get things for free.  I want them to learn to give, to God and to others, out of their money.  I want them to learn to plan and to save for special things, and not go into debt.  I want them to learn to have integrity when it comes to money.

I am excited about a set of books I am ordering from Dave Ramsey that teaches these Character traits about money from a story.


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  1. Amy Said:

    I love to read your posts when I get a chance. Love to hear about the book after you all have read it. Brendan is very good with money. He has learned well. Still very much into technology but patient to wait for that just right deal! Talk to you soon. Hugs to you all from Amy T from TN.

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