Happy 4th Birthday Timmy!

Timmy turned 4 yesterday.  He had been planning for days how his birthday was going to be.  How he was going to be in charge of everyone, tell everyone what to do, no one is going to be mean to him, etc.  He was  a little sad to learn that Mommy and Daddy were still in charge, but decided that would be ok when I gave him donuts and bananas for breakfast.

He chose a strawberry cake and wanted cheese sandwiches for dinner.  That got quickly taken off the list by Daddy when he learned what cheese sandwiches were in Timmy’s mind.  You put mayo on the bread and then cheese and eat it cold.  So Daddy talked him into cheeseburgers, mac and cheese and watermelon.

I think he was pretty happy with his gifts, although he didn’t get much off of his wishlist.  He did get some John Deere stuff (just toys, no real tractors), a penguin pillowpet (he wanted to know why he didn’t get his frog one also), a sword (although it is a nerf one and not a real one), and a bag of candy (of which he was quite excited over).  Daddy says, he made out like a bandit.


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