Balloon Festival

Saturday night we got to go to a local Balloon Festival.  I’m not sure the kids understood what we were talking about until later in the evening when the hot air balloons were being filled and they got to see them.  I have never stood next to a hot air balloon like that, they are huge.  Teagan was great and just watched all that was going on, she fell asleep by the time it was evening and we were watching the balloons light up.

We got to eat lots of yummy festival food.  The kids all wanted corn-dogs and lemonade, and they shared a funnel cake with me.

Jessie was making us laugh when we were sitting by one of the balloons, everytime they would light it up she would try to hide behind her hands.

Timmy and Ally really wanted to go up in a balloon, but they only had one balloon giving rides and the line was over an hour way.  With five kids an hour wait in the humid afternoon was not an option.  So maybe another time.  Sorry kids.

Jay said no way would he go up, he is scared of heights.  At least he is honest.






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