Jumping in with Both Feet

Well it’s only the 7th of August and this is already a crazy month.  Last week we had VBS, I was the co-director so it was a bit crazy for my family.  Jessica turned two last Saturday, for her birthday she got a VBS family night, complete with carnival.   She got her cake on Sunday, she looked at us like we were crazy when we tried to get her to blow out her candles.  Maybe we are.  She was so tired by the time we gave her gifts to her that she cried when she got them.  Poor baby.  She was much happier with them the next day.

Making this month even crazier we didn’t see Mark all week.  He was working from morning to late at night.  I think Friday he didn’t get home till 4am.  Then on Saturday he helped a brother move two hours away.  Now he thinks he is sick.  I don’t know why. Hopefully he will feel better after getting some sleep.

With all this I have decided to start school tomorrow.  Ok, actually I decided this last week but this evening have been second guessing my decision.  It has been very hot and humid around here so the kids are not liking playing outside, so I thought to give them some structure we would start school.  Someone gave us some desks so both Jay and Ally are very excited to begin.  I am hoping the excitement lasts.  Can’t wait for the adventures and stories we will have this year.

Well I was just interrupted by my “sick” husband, who is having body aches and chills and a fever.  He went to bed about 30 minutes ago, and just came out in a panic because he was hungry.  He had me make him some scrambled eggs, and ate a bowl of cereal, and two candy bars.  Hmmm….. that is a very interesting sickness.  Well he is back to bed, and I need to finish getting ready for my first day of school for the 2011-2012 school year.


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