What to do…

Well it has been a very interesting last 24 hours around here.  Yesterday afternoon we packed a picnic and took the kids to a playground by the lake.  We had lots of fun playing, running around, throwing rocks in the lake, climbing on rocks and enjoying being with each other.  We then made a family trip to Walmart, one of Timmy’s favorite places too go.  He always says, we’re going to buy “stuff” at Walmart.

Home for some ice cream and bed time.  Well Mark let All sleep in the boy’s room last night.  So they all decided to sleep on the floor.  At 10pm Jayden was sound asleep in his room and Timmy and Ally were playing with matchbox cars outside the bathroom door.  We leave the light on in the bathroom for the kids every night.  Mark and I snuck up on the two, after of course trying to hide our laughter because they weren’t even trying to be quiet.  Ally finally notices us and jumps up and runs for where she was sleeping, as if she hadn’t been disobeying.  Well after dealing with them we never heard another peep.

When we got up this morning, Mark had been hearing running feet on the other side of the house but didn’t think too much about it.  Then when he came into the kitchen he noticed two stools pushed up to the fridge.  The kids each have a bag for their candy that they get on top of the fridge.  So he snuck down the hallway to their rooms and out runs Ally, obviously with something in her mouth.  “What are you doing Ally?”  Nothing.  And she turns and runs back to her room.  Out runs Jayden, “what’s in your mouth Jayden?”  Nothing, just spit.  “Really?, Just spit?”  All three finally say we had nothing just spit in our mouths.  So Mark brings them out to the fridge and asks why the stools are in front of the fridge.  Jayden says well the kids were eating candy, but I was just looking at it.  SURE!!!!

Finally they decided to tell the truth, and Mark takes the candy away from them indefinitely.  It’s now in my closet.  So today the kids are memorizing the verse from Proverbs 12:22 “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal truthfully are His delight”.

So leave a comment for me about what you have done to deal with lying in your children, or your parents dealt with lying in you.  I need some more help, because my children are becoming quite the little liars.



  1. Jodi Faulkner Said:

    I used to use a wonderful training tool with Nicholas and Mallory. It’s a book entitled, “For Instruction in Righteousness.” This book talks about MANY sins, such as lying, and gives Scripture to deal with them. It also gives examples and ways to creatively discipline. I HIGHLY recommend it!

    • colieblack Said:

      Thanks Jodi! I just added it to my book wish list. I found it at doorposts.com.

  2. Jimmy Bledsoe Said:

    One of my prayers for our boys has been Proverbs 10:9 in the Good News Translation. “Honest people are safe and secure, but the dishonest will be caught.” Praise God that they got caught! We tell the boys over and over that God’s Word is true and they will get caught! Have a great week!

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