Mind Your Manners

I have recently been trying to more consciously teach my children good manners.  Making them more aware of what bad manners are and praising them when they show good manners.  I want my boys to learn how to treat girls, and my girls to act like ladies, and expect to be treated as such. I believe manners is a way to teach them not only respect for others, but also respect for themselves.  Manners are also the bases for morals.

I have been challenged lately to train my children more effectively in this area by a book I have been reading, Dr. Dobsons, Bringing Up Girls.  I have not finished it yet, but highly recommend it if you have girls, or if you come into contact with girls.  (Ok so I really recommend it to anyone if you want to understand girls and who doesn’t want to try to do that.)

Another book I have started reading with my children that I love so far, is Everyday Graces, A Childs Book of Good Manners, by Karen Santorum.  In it she teaches manners through story form.  Starting with using manners in the home, and continuing with how to use words, table manners, how to treat others, any many other areas.

I hope I can more thoroughly teach my children to show respect to others for no other reason than that God made us and loves us, and expects us to treat each with love and respect.




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