Memorial Weekend 2011

We had a much needed weekend away last weekend.  Mark has been working nights and days and we haven’t seen much of him.  So we left town and went to his parents at Lake of the Ozarks.  We had a lot of fun, boating, swimming, fishing, and eating.

Ally, and Timmy did great swimming.  Ally went from wearing a life jacket and hanging on the side of the pool and freaking out if water was in her face, to swimming all over the pool with a life jacket on, to standing in the shallow end and getting half her face in the water.  Timmy went from staying on the steps with a life jacket on, to actually swimming around the pool with his jacket on.  So proud they are starting to overcome their fears of swimming.  Jessie loved the water as long as she was in Mark or I’s arms.  And Jay loves to swim around with his life jacket on.

Jay, Ally, and Timmy all caught at least one fish.  Jay’s favorite thing was going fishing with “the boys” meaning Daddy and Grandpa.

Timmy was either asking to drive the boat, wanting a snack or wanting to go back to Grandma’s house.  He fished for about 5 min and was done, until I got the fish on the line and let him reel it in.


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