Snakes at my House

Mark and I have been talking about when we decide to buy a house again we want one with lots of land so we can have some animals.  I’m talking, like chickens, a milking cow and such for food.  Then we have a day like two weeks ago.

We got home from church and Mark stops cold before getting out of the van.  There blocking the way between us and our entrance to the house is a 4 foot snake!  Now Mark hates snakes more than anything on this earth.  So he makes the kids all stay in the van as he sneaks his way around the snake and into the garage to get his 22.  After killing the snake the kids ran past it into the house, yes Marks fear of snakes has been past down to his children.

So going on with our day the kids go change so they can go outside and help with yard work.  Mark goes and disposes of the snake.  In the mean time Jayden goes to get his shoes on and starts panicking.  Anther snake next to the shoe box, a bit smaller this time but it’s still a snake.  I try to find Mark before he and Timmy come back to the garage.  Too late.  I warn him as he is standing next to the snake, maybe not the best time to tell him, I should have waited till he was back inside.  Oh well. This one being in our garage was much more difficult to kill but after 30 min it was finally taken care of.

We have had some pretty nasty storms month or so and lost a couple of trees.  So we started up a burn pile to burn the tree limbs.  On the second load I look up and realize that Mark has caught a tree near the burn pile on fire.  Oh my! So we are now wondering if we belong in the country or not.

I still want to go for it.


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