Oh What a Day!

So my morning started with waking up to Timmy having stacked a stool on top of the piano bench trying to get into his bag of candy.  Then realized he ate some candy that was a gift for someone that was on a shelf in the other room.  Later I found out that Jayden, Allyson, and Timothy ate all the Jelly beans that were for starting to potty train Jessica.  So treats got taken away for the day and we then had to have a discussion about stealing.  Oh what a way to start a day.

Mark got a new van for work so the kids and I worked on it today.  They washed as far as they could reach and I removed vinyl lettering.  Oh the things I do for my hardworking husband, who has worked late every night this week except last night as it was my birthday.

Then this evening the kids and I were going to have a movie (Mark is working late again) and watch the 3rd Narnia movie.  I have been waiting to see it and got it for my birthday.  So while I was making dinner they were supposed to clean their rooms.  They told me they were done so, after dinner I sent them to put pj’s on.  I headed back to check on them and noticed something under the couch, oh the dominoes I had asked Jayden to clean up, he decided to shove under the couch.  Then when I got to their rooms the clothes they were supposed to pick up and put away were shoved in the closet.  By the time they cleaned up all that was supposed to be already cleaned it was too late for a movie.  Sad times.  So then we got to have a discussion on obedience.

So many lessons to learn in one day.  Now it’s my bedtime.


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  1. Mom Said:

    Happy Mothers Day! Your post is why we were given this day. Great memories to be had and it is all worthwhile.

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