Happy Birthday To…

Today is my birthday.  So I woke up this morning to the kids in the living room rehearsing singing happy birthday.

Jayden – “Ok guys stand on the line and get ready, ok sing!”

Ally – “Happy Birthday to you”      Jayden – “louder”   Ally – “Happy Birthday to you” Jayden “louder”  Happy Birthday Dear Mommy”  Jayden “Louder”  Ally – Happy Birthday dear Mommy Jayden “your not supposed to sing dear mommy again, your supposed to say Happy birthday to you”

Mind you Jayden was not singing along with her he was just instructing her how to sing.

I also received gifts as soon as I woke up.  Last night at Awana Jayden had made a mother’s day gift for me but decided to give it to me for my birthday instead.  Ally gave me the toys she got at Awana last night, a sticky hand toy, and a rubber pony.  Then yelled at Timmy that he can’t play with her toys.

I love my kids.  It’s going to be a wonderful birthday.


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