Please Pray for My Daddy

My Dad was diagnosed with Burkitts Type Lymphoma (Primary Lymphoma of the Bone), March of last year.   He started the chemotherapy treatments last April.  After 8 cycles of chemo there was still cancer.

After two treatments in December to keep in temporary remission.   He has been waiting since then for his white blood counts to go up to continue with the next course.  His counts have finally been where they need to be this week and so today he goes in to have a PICC put in.  Over the next couple weeks they will be harvesting his stem cells.  He has to stay close to the hospital so He and Mom have temporary accommodations close by.   After they harvest his stem cells, they will be giving him an extremely high dose of chemo, followed by replacing his stems cells.  Once they start the Chemo he will be in the hospital around 22 days.

Please pray for my Dad (Dean) and Mom (Patti)  and the rest of my family.  Dad is a self employed with an Auto Repair Business.  There are eight of us kids, 4 of which are still at home and homeschooled by Mom.

Dad and Brother Nate



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