The Kids Reaction to Baby Teagan

As I mentioned in the last post the kids were watching a movie on the other side of the house when I had Teagan.  After it was all over Mark heard them come into the kitchen so went to check on them.  They were looking for a snack and had no idea they had a new sister.  So he asked them if they would like to meet their new sister, they very casually said sure and came quietly into my room to look at her.  They were all very happy she was here but were pretty subdued.

Then Ally pipes up “but were is our baby boy?”  I told her we had a baby girl and not a baby boy.  She says “but I wanted a baby boy.”  So Timmy says “it’s ok Ally I have a baby boy in my tummy.”  She seemed satisfied with that and is now enjoying her new baby sister.

Timmy is very worried about her “button”  and wants to know when it’s going to come off.  He asks every day if her “button has fallen off”.  I tried to tell him he has a belly button.  He says “no I have a belly not a button”.

Jessica is still adjusting but coming around to the idea of a baby in the house.  She ignored her for the first day.  But now she is at least looking at her and likes her toes.


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