A Baby Story ~ Teagan Marie

Teagan Marie joined our family on Sunday.  I though I would share her birth story for some of you who have asked.

Our first two children were born in a hospital, our second two were born in a birthing center, we decided we wanted to have Teagan at home.  I really like the birthing center but we moved and there was not option similar to that other than a home birth.  So at the time we were living in Missiouri so found a midwife there who would deliver her.  During my pregnancy we moved to Illinois.  Thankfully my midwife said she would still deliver even though it was going to be 1.5-2 hr drive to our home.

I had been having contractions Friday and Saturday but nothing too bad.   On Sunday they started getting closer and stronger.  So I stayed home from church while Mark took all the kids.  I let my midwife know that I was pretty sure I was in labor but still not having contractions close enough for her to come yet.  At around 3 I decided that they were coming close enough and let her know she was finishing with another patient and would be on her way shortly.  I took a bath to help with dealing with the contractions.  Mark put on a movie for the kids on the other side of the house, Jessica was still taking a nap.  At around 4 I asked Mark to come and read in the bathroom, I still didn’t think it was going to be anytime soon and the midwife would be there before baby decided to come.  Is started to feel more pressure and Mark called the midwife around 4:15 to see where she was.  I said “Mark I feel a lot of pressure”  it was then I realized her head was already crowning, he dropped the phone because he couldn’t figure out how to get it on speaker phone, before he could do anything else I said “it’s too late baby’s here!”  Teagan Marie was born at 4:20pm. I delivered my sweet baby girl.  Mark help baby and I to get into bed and we waited for the midwife to get there.

We are very glad that we chose to do a home birth, and water birth for that matter, by far it was the easiest of all my births.

Welcome to our Family Baby Teagan!



  1. christy Said:

    Oh, I love birth stories like that! Congratulations, Nicole. I’m so glad she’s here. 🙂

  2. Sean Said:

    You are awesome! Congratulations to you and Mark!

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