Cheesy, Funky, Crumby, Dinner…

Yeah, I made a winner of a dinner tonight.  In all honesty it’s one of my husbands favorites, but you would never have known by the conversation that went on at dinner tonight. I made Chicken Divan, it’s pretty simple, broccoli, chicken, sauce, cheese, and ritz crackers served over rice.

So the conversation starts with me saying “wow, this is really cheesy tonight”.  Which Mark of course has to start in on how this is such a cheesy dinner to make, and other various cheesy jokes.

Mark takes a bite of his and exclaims “this chicken tastes funky”.  Great what’s wrong with my chicken.  I take a bite and don’t think anything tastes funny.  I finally realize I usually make the dinner with white meat and this time I used dark.  Thankfully he didn’t think it was a bad “funky”  just wasn’t expecting his chicken to have any taste to it.  Ok back to eating our dinner.

Then Ally pick’s up a piece of cracker and askes “what is this white stuff?”  Well Jayden not really seeing what she was holding tells her it’s rice.  She makes the strangest face and says “well this rice is just Crumby! Yep, this is the crumbiest rice.”  Which started hysterical laughter from Mark and I.

So I am still trying to decide if my dinner was a success or not.




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