Sayings of the Day

Today my kids have been making me laugh because of how or what they say.  So I thought I would share.

Jayden got Jessica up from her nap today.  He comes to where I am just laughing hysterically, and says “I went into Jessies room and scared the death out of her.”

The kids played outside most of today as we had the most beautiful February day in the 70’s.  Well Timmy and Ally were still out when the sun was starting to set.  They came running into the house and Ally says “oh, Mommy we just heard something TERRIBLE”, she had her hands up on her cheeks.  Timmy “yes, it was a terrible noise”.  Ally “In the trees with holes in them we heard an owl, and it was terrible.”  Timmy “it was a bat”.  They look at each other and say “it was an owl and and a bat and it was just terrible”.

Today Jayden also lost his first tooth today.  He was so excited he put it under his pillow tonight.  Then started worrying about how the tooth fairy was going to get into our house.  And then wanted to know how the tooth fairy would know which pillow to find the tooth under.  After thinking about it for a while he said “I know the tooth fairy can smell the tooth and that’s how she knows.”


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  1. Amanda Said:

    As they all get older you will have quite a collection of these, so that it will seem as though you have your own private family lexicon!

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