May have lost my mind…

Tuesday started out as a very good day.  Kids were obedient, got their chores done.  Jay got his school work done.  It was a beautiful day and the kids played outside while I made lunch.  We had gym day and were getting out of the house.  Hurray!!!

Walking down the steps to the gym, I had picked up Jessica to get her to the bottom.  A few steps from the bottom I lost by step and down we went, trying not to fall on Jessica or my belly. Well I succeed in not falling on my belly, landed on my knees and my elbows, but poor Jessie’s leg got under my my elbow.  So with limping daughter, and limping mom, we got the rest of the kids to the gym to play. Sorry Jessica.

After gym time, we had some errands to run.  Stopped by the bank and finished opening Mark’s business account.  Then the real fun of the day.  We finally got the paper work for the new van to tax, title, and license it.  So off to the Secretary of States office we go.

After waiting for 45 min just to get called to the desk the kids were starting to get antsy, thankfully Mark showed up soon after and sat with the kids while I started the paperwork.  Got through the tax, title and license, but still had to do my Illinois drivers license.  Then the fun began, Mark had to leave to head back to work.  Soon after he leaves I get informed that I have to take a written test. With 4 kids and a building full of people this is going to be fun.  I had already paid though, and gotten the process started and really didn’t want to try to figure out a time to come back.  So I go for it, ok maybe I’ve lost my mind but I was still feeling good about my decision at this point.

As they handed me my test, I pick Jessie up and was met by a horrible smell.  It was everywhere.  So I ran into the bathroom which had no changing station of course.  And I didn’t have extra clothes for her anyway.  Cleaned up as best I could.  She was covered though.  I sat down holding her and took my test as fast as I could.  The whole while the other three were done sitting and I had to constantly turn around and tell them to sit down and be quite.  Thankfully the building had cleared out as most people had been sent home because it was an hour from closing and they were there for driving tests. Holding a poopy child while trying to take a test is challenging, I just want everyone to know.  By the time I had finished the test, I had to clean Jess up again, and also the chair where she had been sitting.  After taking my picture 3 times, yes I can only imagine what the first two looked like as the lady kept saying, ” lets go ahead and try this again”.   We finally made it to the car, stripped my child down and put her in her car seat in only a diaper in February.

OH HOME SWEET HOME.  Thankfully Mark decided not to paint after work and instead come home to his poor wife who no longer was sane at all.


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