Oh What a Night

Sometimes there comes around those times that makes you question your sanity.  Well Sunday night was one of those.

For starters being pregnant I am not sleeping well and Saturday night I got under 4 hrs of sleep.  So Sunday I was tired but still couldn’t take a nap but was doing ok.  We had some family over for dinner, Mark finally got to go out and shoot his new Shotgun that he got for his birthday.  We ate some dinner.  Mark started feeling nauseous and not really hungry, which is very unusual for Mark.  He told his brother he might want to pack up his family and take off, which they did.

Well Ok I can handle Mark being sick.  Got the kids ready and put down for bed.  I went to bed early as I was still tired from lack of sleep the night before.  Then it started.

At 10:45 the first one comes into my room. Ally.  “Mom I puked in my bed”.  So I get up, clean her up strip her bed and start a load of laundry.  Get her laying down again and place a bucket by her.  During which I here Mark making a trip to the bathroom.  Go back to bed.

Eleven thirty rolls around.  I here Mark get up and lights come on and noise.  I come check.  Jayden’s turn.  He got up in time, looked in the bathroom and didn’t find the trash can to throw up in so went searching for it.  Found it in Ally’s room and used it, missing part of it and hitting Ally who was currently doing fine sleeping.  So second change of clothes for Ally, Mark cleaned up the carpet and I asked Jayden why he didn’t just use the bathtub or the toilet instead of searching for the trash can.  Back to bed for all.

One rolls around and yep you guessed it, Timmy’s turn, along with Ally again.  Like I said, Oh, What a night!!!  Every few hours one of my Children and my husband took turns being sick.  Three loads of laundry and it was morning.

Happy Valentines Day Family of Mine!!!


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  1. Christy Said:

    Oh my goodness! Girl, I hope you get some sleep before you have that baby! At least you’ll get to only be in charge of 1 child in the hospital… and you can ship him or her off to the nursery! I guess if you end up having the baby at home, then Mark will have to play nurse and give you the break! Hope you all get well soon! Christy

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