A Party to Remember

Saturday was Jayden’s 6th birthday.  What a day!  I can’t believe it’s been six years since my little boy joined our family.  He asked this year since we are moving again if he could have a party with all his friends.  How is a parent to deny such a request?

So Jayden’s day started out with a request for pancakes.  So we took the family out to eat at Bob Evans.  What does Jay pick to eat?  French Toast!  The other kids all had pancakes.

Later in the day we were setting up for the party.  Jay was helping Mark cut yarn for one of the games.  As I head up stairs Jay says, “Mom I’m bleeding”.  This was said in a very calm way and with no pain in his voice.  I turn and look and hit whole mouth is covered in blood.  As I hurried him upstairs to the bathroom to clean up I asked what happened.  At first he didn’t know how it happened, he finally informed me that he had been playing with the scissors near his mouth and had cut his lip.  Nice!

The party was a blast.  Mark did party games.  We tied mini powdered donuts on string from the ceiling and the kids had to eat them with their hands behind their backs.  So funny.  They dropped a ball into a bucket from one of Mark’s ladders which he raised after each round.  And of course we had a pinata.  This pinata would not break open.  I think each kid got about 6 turns or more each before it finally started to break.  They had a blast though.

I made cupcakes and let the kids put their own sprinkles on them.  I did frost and decorate a plate full, there ended up being seven on the plate, so that we could put candles in and sing to Jayden.  Well I got involved in helping the kids decorate there cupcakes, Jay told me he was going to eat one already decorated, sounds good.  I guess after a while Jayden walked up to Mark and said “Daddy there are two left and I just can’t eat anymore.”  I guess he thought he had to eat the whole plate of cupcakes.

Thank you so much to those that came to celebrate Jay’s birthday.  It is one he will never forget.  We appreciate you guys and will miss you all so much when we move.   It meant a lot to Mark and I to have friends with us to celebrate our little boys life.



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