Fun Fall Weekend

This weekend was a blast.  We did miss Mark being here with us as he had to go paint out of town.  Mark’s parents came in for the weekend though and kept us busy so we didn’t have too much time to miss him. I also got scared to death my my Timmy.

Friday night the kids picked Chuck-E-Cheese for dinner.  What kid wouldn’t?  They had so much fun playing the games, riding the rides, and getting tickets.  I can’t believe Jay won 50 tickets from his first game.  He was so excited.  I personally am not a fan of the place, especially on a busy Friday night, but it was fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves.

Saturday morning Ally had her second soccer game.  Last week she cried the whole game, and when she did play hid behind her coach.  She didn’t like being bumped by the other players.  So we had a long talk all week about how there is no crying in soccer.  She made great improvements this weekend.  She played for the first half of the game, ran after the ball, kicked it, and had a smile on her face.  The second half of the game she had an excuse everytime Coach asked her if she wanted to play, “I’m hot”,  “I’m thirsty”,  “I’m too tired”.  Oh well at least she did better than last week.  All you can do is try to be better than the week before, right?

We went to Eckerts Orchard after her game.  So much fun!  The kids got to ride some rides.  It was so funny to watch their personalities.  Ally and Tim, just had fun, wanted to ride everything, Jay would wait till they tried something and then decide if he would or not after evaluating the safety and fun factor of the ride.  They rode on airplanes, slid on the blowup slide, jumped in the bouncy house, and bunch more. Then we picked apples, you get to ride in a wagon out to the orchard to pick.  They picked me about 20lbs of apples and we had fun eating them while we picked.

When we were picking pumpkins back at the store.  Tim wondered off.  There were so many people that after looking for a few min I had to tell someone who worked there that my little boy was lost.  As she was calling it in on her radio a woman walked by and said they had just found the little boy I described and he was with a worker on the other side of the place.  I was so scared during those minutes of not knowing where he was.  When I got him back I had tears in my eyes, and he says “Mommy why are you crying”  I said Tim you scared me, ” He laughed and said, “No, I didn’t Mommy, I didn’t scare you, but where did you go?”




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