Who Wants A Sleepover?

Last night Mark brought home some movies for the kids and we got them some dollar fudge sundae’s from McDonald’s. Honestly I wanted one and I just used the kids as an excuse to get one.  Ok, done with confession.  After the kids finished their sundae’s and their movie, Mark decided they could have a sleepover in the basement, on the couches and the futon.

Who wants a sleepover?  Tim and Ally were very excited about the thought and ran around getting their pillows and blankets.  Jay on the other hand, was very unhappy about the thought, and became his lovely things aren’t going my way self.  He goes on to announce “NO!  We are NOT going to do that.  We are NOT having a sleepover.  I am going to sleep in my bed!”  Mark says fine go to your bed then.  Jay proceeds to tell him that Tim is also not joining the sleep over.  Yes Tim is, he wants to and he gets too.

Jay says “well if I sleep by myself then I will have nightmares”.  First Jays room is about 20 feet from where the other two are sleeping on the couch.  Second Mark says then sleep with Tim and Ally.  So finally Jay comes out of his room with his pillow and one little blanket, lays down on the concrete next to the carpet and covers himself with his blanket.  Mark says there is plenty of room on the futon with Tim, he doesn’t have to sleep on the concrete.  Then Jays response just made our night.

“NO!  I am mad at him” Why? “Because he always eats cheerios and I don’t like the smell of them!



  1. Patti Tracy Said:

    Great story! Where did Jayden come up with the cheerios.

  2. Kim Said:

    I love how random Jayden is sometimes. Love it!!!!

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