What did you learn?

Maybe not always the best question to ask a three year old, but it can be very interesting to hear the answers.

Tonight the kids got home from AWANA, we were sitting around the table eating dinner.  I asked Jayden what he learned tonight and he told me his story tonight was about creation.  I asked Ally what she learned and she recited her verse to me.  “Jn 3:33 God is true”.  Great job honey, what was your story tonight.  She said “it was about the girl taking the apple and disobeying God”.  You mean Eve?  “yeah her”.

So it’s Timmy’s turn to tell us about what he learned.  I got the standard answer.  “Jesus”.  Ok, anything else.  “Yeah, the boy took an apple and asked Jesus if he wanted an apple, and Jesus said (this part said in a deep voice, well as deep as a three year old can get) No!  I don’t want your apple”.  Hmmm that’s interesting since you and Ally were in the same class, and I don’t recall that story at all in the Bible.



  1. Patti Tracy Said:

    If only Timmys version were true.

  2. Kim Said:

    I love him sooooo much!!!!

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