Labor Day

Well it has been a fun, adventurous, excitement filled day and it’s not even over with.  Mark’s parents were in town and we decided to go to the zoo with them.  The kids were excited, both about seeing Grandma and Papa and also about the zoo, and add that with Daddy not having to work, and you get perfect.

The line for the zoo parking lot was the first adventure.  I think it took about 30 min just to get up to pay to park.  The lot thankfully had plenty of parking available and we finally made it into the zoo.

Jayden was my little photographer and I will have to add pictures later.  As of this moment I’m not quite sure what kind of pictures have been taken.  Our first adventure was discovered in that we forgot to bring Jessies cup with us, and she doesn’t drink out of a straw yet.  Oops. Thankfully food usually can do the trick.

We got some snacks and with belly’s filled we were set to start seeing some animals.  Most of the animals were out and the kids had great fun seeing them.  Ally was most of our adventures in the zoo today.  She is my not so observant child, as some may say she is in her own world.  We were looking at some animals and looked up and she was gone, dressed in all bright pink thankfully she was fairly easy to spot, about 50 ft down the fence.  When asked where she was going, “to look for some other animals”.

Then half way through the day she tried to run down a hill and tumbled and sliced her hand in about three different spots.  Poor girl does not handle blood well, and Mommy forgot to bring the first aid kit with us.  Note to self, carry a first aid kit at all times in diaper bag.  The last adventure with Ally, we got separated as a group at the hippos, I thought she was with Mark, Mark thought she was with grandparents, and they assumed she was with us.  Oops, again.  I went running back to the hippos after we met up and realized what happened and met her half way on her way to us with a very nice family who asked what my name was and what I was wearing.  She handled it much better than I thought she would.  And just looked at me and said “Mom, I was lost”.

Well just to end the fun filled zoo day on a none boring note.  We got back to the car, with a baby that had finally had it with not having a cup all day, and three children who had missed naps.  Oh wait, do you have the keys, no why would I have the keys.  Great!!! They are in the ignition.  Thankfully I have wonderful In-laws who brought us home to get the keys, and drove Mark back up to the van, mind you its about 45 min each way.

Well the kids and I are now relaxing and watching Pete’s Dragon.  Hopefully no more adventures today.  We have very much enjoyed the day, but a family can only handle so many adventures in one day.


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