Irresistable Cake

Timmy had a wonderful birthday, lots of presents, lots of fun, and a yummy cake.

Today I was walking through the kitchen and happend to glance down at the cake, which had two strips of plastic wrap covering it.  Low and behold there were fingerprints on the edges.

My first instinct was to laugh, because I remember doing this to one of my mothers cakes that she was taking to a bible study to share with other ladies.  Now, my brother and I had been much sneakier as we at least attempted to make it not look like fingerprints.  We were unsuccessful and got caught anyway, and didn’t get any treats for a while if I remember right.

Well I have one child that is sneakier than the others and I called her first.  I had her get up on the chair and look at the cake.  Immediately her head was hung and I knew she was the culprit.  Thankfully she told the truth this time when asked.  She was very upset this evening when she didn’t get a piece of cake and the boys did though.


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