Toy Store Fun

With Timmy’s birthday on Monday, we decided that we needed to decide what we are going to get the boy for his birthday.  After his birthday list we knew it would be interesting.  So we packed up the four kids and headed to Toy’s R Us.  Maybe not the brightest thing to do, but oh the adventures.  Of course they wanted every toy, and then they didn’t want to leave.  The greatest story was from our dear Ally though.

She would pick up a toy and admire it and then look at Mark and I, if we were watching her she would place the toy back on the shelf and move on.  If we were not looking, or at least she thought we weren’t looking, she would sneak over to the cart and place the toy into the cart.  I don’t know what she thought would happen when it came time to pay for the items, if she just assumed if they were in the cart we would take them home.  We ended up with a rubber ball, another ball, two nightlights, and a pair of roller skates.  It was rather amusing.  We new we would have to discuss the toys in the cart before we left the store but kind of wanted to see what all would end up in our cart.

Well Big Brother finally noticed also and of course pointed out that there were lots of toys in our cart that were very much not for Timmy’s birthday as they were all very much for a girl.  So Mark decided it was time to talk with her.  After he had is talk with her the two of them went around the store returning all the toys to where they belonged.


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