An 8 Year Adventure

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written, not much has been going on, just everyday life.  Yesterday was Mark and I’s 8 year anniversary.  It has been an 8 year adventure, with ups and downs, and times we have both not known which was up and which was down.  In it all I’m so thankful for Him and who God is molding us both into.  I sure do love Mark more today than I did 8 years ago.

Last night we went out to dinner for our anniversary, a kind friend watched the kiddo’s for us.  We got to add one more adventure to our list.

I have been wanting Italian, and specifically clam spaghetti.  So a week ago I looked at restaurants and found two in the area that listed their menu and had clam spaghetti.  One was the Old Spaghetti Factory (of which he said just didn’t sound like a place you go on your anniversary, he’s never been)  the other was called Trattoria Branica ( I couldn’t remember the last part just knew it started with a B.  Well he tells me he knows right where it is and that his buddy highly recommends it, that it has great seafood Italian.   Ok so we don’t need the GPS.  Lets go.

We pull up to a restaurant that started with Trattoria but was not the one I had found.  Ummm… dear that’s not it.  It’s not, but it’s the one that was recommended to me? Well it’s not the one that I told you about.  So we decide to give it a try.  And thus the adventure begins.

We get inside and get seated order drinks, and take a look at the menu.  Not our type of food at all.  There was I believe one thing on the menu the menu that we would eat.  So Mark comes up with the brilliant idea that we would order just an appetizer and then blame me not feeling well on us leaving.  So he calls the waiter over orders an appetizer and says that I’m not feeling well we are going to try the appetizer and see how it goes.  The appetizer was not good, we ended up leaving after paying for our appetizer and drinks.

Well I’m still hungary because I didn’t eat any of the appatizer, and we have no GPS and no idea where to go.  Mark calls our good friend in Ohio who looks up restaurants for us and finds, Yep the Old Spaghetti Warehouse.  So that’s where we ended up and my clam spaghetti was delicious.  I think I can even talk my husband into go there again in the future.

Our little adventure made us reminisce about past anniversaries though.  Our first anniversary we spent at a little B&B in St. Louis, it was a lot of fun, but we had an adventure then also.  There was a room with a hot tub on the second floor. We used it one night, and at one point heard someone use there key to come in but no one ever came in.  So we didn’t think anything of it.  Later when we got out of the hot tub we tried the door, it’s locked, there was no way to unlock from the inside.  We checked out the balcony but it was too high and no way down.  It was after midnight so there was no one around.  So Mark finally found a brick and knocked the hinge pins out of the door removed the door and left it in the hallway.

Our second Anniversary we went to Kentucky Lake, for one lunch we went to a wonderful place called Patty’s Place.  Mark had stuffed Pork chops couldn’t finish them both so took one to go.  We decided to drive around the lake some and after a few hrs headed back to our B&B.  Mark was hungry again so picked up some fast food on the way back.  It ended up not being enough for him so he had the bright idea to eat his pork chop that had been, as he put it  slow cooking in our car all day.  Probably not the best idea.  I was asleep and he was experienceing the wonderful side effects of food poisoning.

Yes the last year have been full of Adventure and I wouldn’t trade it at all.


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