An Evening in the Emergency Room

There is never a dull moment in our home.  Yesterday afternoon some friends came in from Ohio for a weekend visit.  Kids were playing and having a good time visiting.  Then it happened.

Jay says, “Mom my hearts beating fast again.”  It has been four months since our excitement in finding out he has Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT).  On the previous occasion they told us if it happens again to try some different tricks at home before bringing him back to the ER, one of which is throwing ice water on the person.

So I tried every trick they told me.  Leaving the water for last.  I had him get him the bath tub and had to dump two gallons of ice water on my poor boy.  It was very unpleasant and I made my boy cry.  I felt like a horrible mom, especially when it didn’t help.

It’s amazing to see how God provides provides for us in small ways that make a big difference.  We felt horrible leaving our friends from Ohio alone, but they stayed with the kids while we both went with Jay to the hospital and we didn’t have to deal with trying to get the kids to someone else.  I was also grateful for the many offers of help with the children from our church family.

We got to the Children’s Hospital ER and they heard he had a raising heart beat and immediately got him hooked up to something to get a quick reading of his heart rate.  It said 256, WOW, at first they thought maybe it was wrong and tried listening with a stethoscope.  Yep 256.  They got him a room in a hurry.

Since this had happened before and we had already tried things at home they new they were going to have to go straight to the meds this time.  Jay was a trooper!  Being swarmed by a group of 5 nurses, they took his blood, hooked up an IV, and electrodes for his EKG.  As they were doing this he looks at me and says “Mom I just want to go home”.  Oh just breaks a mothers heart. He got through it all and then came the time to give him the meds to slow his racing heart down.  It is very uncomfortable and somewhat painful, and my poor boy was crying, praise the Lord they only had to give him the smallest dose for it to work.  After a few minutes he was doing much better, his heart rate was down to 100 and he was calm.

When we were finally discharged and on our way home, we were telling Jay how brave had been and we were proud at how well he at done in the ER.  He says “no I wasn’t brave the whole time, I cried and I wanted to go home”.  Oh son you were brave and you can be brave and cry.

He was very excited for the popsicles that they sent home with him and also the promise from Mom of ice cream sandwiches today.  Hopefully we have a less eventful day today.  We are off to the county fair.



  1. annette easter Said:

    Your incident with Jayden makes tears come to my eyes. He is such a sweet boy. I know how scary it is to watch a child be sick and there is nothing a Mom can do. We will continue to pray for Jayden and hopefully he can see a cardiologist very soon.

    • colieblack Said:

      Thank you for your prayers. The hardest parts were when they had to do things that caused pain. Even knowing that it was for his best, its still hard. I guess that is what God feels when we have to go through things that are painful.

  2. Rob Canfield Said:


    Even the brave cry. At this small base where I work in Afghanistan, 5 heroes have been carried to the helicopters for their final flight home, their bodies each wrapped in an American Flag, while many of us watched and cried. Yes, even the brave cry.

  3. christy Said:

    Oh Nicole… this makes me cry too… breaks my heart. We’ve been through seizures with Alex and seeing your child in a state that you know they shouldn’t be just goes against every grain in a momma’s heart. So thankful Jay is ok and we’ll pray he doesn’t have to go through this again. God is so good to care of us in so many big and little ways.

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