How to Play MoiMoi (or What is MoiMoi?)

One of my kids favorite things to play is MoiMoi.  I don’t really remember how that term came about but I do know Timmy started it, and it’s usually Timmy that comes and asks “Mom can I play MoiMoi?”

It’s a very intricate game, well as intricate as a two year old can create.  It consists of pulling all the pillows off my couch and stacking them just so.  Then you stand on the couch and jump exclaiming “Moi, Moi, Moooiiiii!  as you jump onto the stack of pillows.  Just so you can see for yourself I’ve included an instructional video of Timmy and Ally playing MoiMoi.

Sorry for the clicking noise, I don’t know how to stop it on my camera. 


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