Gotta Love Small Towns

I get a call from my husband yesterday morning.  Mind you I was still mostly asleep.

“I just wanted to let you know I got pulled over this morning in town and got a ticket.”  I’m thinking great we can’t afford this, what did you do? He starts laughing.  Really your laughing at getting pulled over and getting a ticket you have got to be kidding me.  I still haven’t opened my mouth thankfully, because I’m sure I would end up regretting whatever came out.  But what do you expect when you call your wife and wake her up to inform her that you have been pulled over and gotten a ticket?

He said he tried to get out of getting pulled over as he drove by the officer parked in the parking lot of the church he was driving by.  Not going to happen, the officer shook his head and flicked his lights on.  Mark although he was speeding did not get a ticked for speeding as the officer did not clock him just knew he was speeding.  No he got a ticket for not wearing his seat belt.  Shucks!  So how much is that going to cost us?  Wow our town must not be in need of too much money.  Only $10 bucks.

Too top it off the officer asked for his business card because he has some painting he wants done.  Maybe Mark should get pulled over more often in town, a new way of generating business.  Thank you Officer, I hope you call and we can pay for our ticket with your business.



  1. Mike Ott Said:

    Hi Nicole,

    Your are a pretty good writer. I enjoy reading your stuff. Good story too. I hope the city doesn’t see it – they may increase the cost of tickets if you think it’s too small.

    • colieblack Said:

      Thank You! It’s been fun to start writing, helps me remember stories better. I hope they don’t increase the cost either, but at the same time I’m also hoping that it won’t matter because I would rather not anyone in my household getting pulled over and getting tickets.

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