The Wii has its Wings

About two weeks ago my wii was working just fine.  Our new favorite use for the wii is really not why we got it but, I do so love the ability to watch older shows and movies on netflix through my wii.  Anyway back to my story, the wii was working fine in the morning.  I leave the room for a little bit come back and what????  The wii is no longer working.

Accusations ensue from three children all blaming someone else.  I finally get the story down to Timmy was the one near by, but no one knows what he did.  Ok, well lets start with ejecting the disk.  Nope, not going to happen.  After trying multiple things, I finally give up and wait for Mark. Between the two of us he finally pulls out the disk.  Yeah!  Oh wait, wii is still not working right.  I finally get on line and send the wii back, of course it’s not under warranty and they have a ridiculous price but what else are you going to do.

As I follow the progress of my wii repair I am so happy when I get the email saying it is being shipped back to me, before the time they had originally said it would be.  Now I want to know what happened to it.  I just like to know how things work and why things break, its just how I am.  So I was rather disapointed, ok I was a little upset that I got this message in my email.

Please note:  Some customers like to know what was wrong with their
specific unit, however, because repairs are completed at different
facilities, we do not have that information available for your specific

What do you mean you can’t tell me what was wrong with my unit.  That’s just ridiculous.  So I admit I do overract often, and this was the case here.

Monday I got my wii back and opened the package and found this in the box with the wii

Needless to say we had a long talk with the kids, especially Timmy, about not putting things in the wii.  It was already a rule, but it was again reiterated that only Mom and Dad have the privilege of touching the wii and putting disks and only disks into the wii.  I was glad to know what happened to my wii though.


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