A Weekend to Relax

We had a great weekend in Lake of the Ozarks, visiting my in-laws, celebrating Ally’s birthday, boating, swimming, fishing, and as always when we go lots of eating.

Mark took the three older kids out in an inner-tube, none of them were too thrilled with the idea but they all did it anyway, well mostly because I picked them up an handed them to him in the tube.  Sometimes we have to be forced into trying new experiences.

Jayden has always been scared of water, passing the fear down to the younger two.  We were so proud of him this time at the pool.  I took each of the kids, in their life jackets to the deep end of the pool, and for the first time Jay let me let go of him and swam to his Daddy.  I was so excited for him, and he was so proud of himself that he had accomplished such a big feat overcoming some of his fear of water.

On Sunday, after church, we were hoping to go out boating or swimming again, but alas the weather prevented us.  We heard later that a tornado had touched down somewhere close to us.  Still not sure where.  But, being the family that we are, we noticed a clearing in the weather for a short time, and since we had no power, Mark and his dad, decided that it would be  a perfect time to catch some fish.  I decided to tag along.  Not much good on the fishing, but an adventure none the less, they fished in the rain for a bit, then decided it was not going to clear so headed back in.

We decided since their was no power it was time to head home.  On the way we saw the most beautiful rainbow and double rainbow.  The pictures don’t do it justice but I can’t resist posting anyway.  I love rainbows and the reminder of God’s promise to Noah after the flood.  What a beautiful way to seal a promise.


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