“This is what I’ve always wanted for my Birthday”

So Saturday my little Ally girl turned 4 years old.  She wanted a princess birthday, and she wanted to visit her Grandma and Papa at the Lake.  How can you say no to a little girl?

She requested a doll cake and I was happy to oblige, although I wasn’t completely thrilled with the way it turned out she was.  The Icing I used was a little thin and kept sliding down the doll, but all in all a fairly simple cake to make.  And Ally got her first barbie doll.

She was very excited to open her gifts, her brother Jayden made her a card with hearts and bubbles and even picked out a gift for her all on his own, a bubble set.  He got a great big smile and an even bigger hug from little sister.  The dress was a big success in that she loves it, but it needs a few alterations, it was a bit big, but easily fixable.

She made out like as her Grandma Black says “a proverbial bandit”.  She was very excited with all her gifts.  My favorite part of her birthday came at the end of the day.

Grandma and Papa Black took us out to dinner to a BBQ place.  We told the waitress that it was Ally’s birthday, so they announced it over the speaker, came and clapped for her and gave her a bandanna.  As we were leaving the restaurant after our meal, Ally holds her bandanna up to her cheek and says “This is what I’ve always wanted for my birthday.”


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