Home again Home again

We are home again, at least for now.  We are missing California, my family, and the weather.

It was a fun and full week in California, although somewhat bittersweet.  The kids got to swim with my siblings in my parents pool. and got much more comfortable with being in the water, although we are still far from learning to swim.  Went to my Grandma’s 80th birthday party.  It was fun to see all the family there.  I got to visit with my Daddy some in the hospital for Father’s Day, and the kids got to go see him before we left.  Praying that he is feeling better soon.

Our flight got in on Tuesday evening.  The kids, again, were amazing little travelers.  We had some mini adventures but with the help of our flight attendants we made it through with no ill effects.  Ally had to use the airplane lavatories but was scared of the noise, so one of the kind flight attendants held Jessica for me while I helped Ally.  Then Timmy had multiple explosions of which I didn’t bring enough pull-ups or wipes, but we braved it and made it to St. Louis without any tears. I came out after one episode and Jessica was flirting with some gentlemen who were stretching their legs at the rear of the plane.

The kids were so excited to see their Daddy.  They attacked him with hugs.  Timmy hugged him and then says “Dad, lets fight swords”.  Probably not the best idea in the middle of the airport.

Our next adventure begins tomorrow.  Ohio here we come.


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