We Made It

Well Thursday the kids and I flew to California.  It was a fun adventure.  Mark drove us to the airport and helped us get our luggage checked on.  Such a good husband.  He stood for a while as we made our way through the slow security line.  When He did leave Jayden had a bit of a rough time and had big crocodile tears and was quite sad.

When we made it through security and were sitting in the terminal, I asked Jay how he was doing.  He had some questions, “Where is Daddy going?”  He is going home to get his truck to go to work.  “Well how is he going to get home?”  (He is still on the verge of crying at this point)  He is going to take our van.  “Well, well what are we going to do if Daddy takes our van?”  Jayden we are flying to California, we don’t need the van, and when we get back Daddy will come pick us up.  The tears stopped and the smile came back out.  He just needed to know what Daddy was doing.

While waiting for our plane which was 40 min late in boarding, we stood across from a shoe shine area.  The gentleman who was trying to get customers kept singing a little tune.  So now Timmy keeps singing “shine ‘m up, shine ‘m up, shoe shine.”  Tim loves to sing and usually makes up his own songs, but was quite enjoying singing this new song that someone else was singing.

The kids all did great on the plane, when we landed it got a little turbulent.  Jayden did not like that at all and was gripping his seat with white knuckles.  As the plane toughed down Timmy starts yelling out “Yes! Yes!  That was fun!, right Mom?  That was fun! Yes! Yes!”  Those around us quite enjoyed his enjoyment of our landing.


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  1. Amanda Said:

    That’s interesting, I am reading this on Saturday morning and it says that you posted this at 2:38 this afternoon. 🙂 Thanks for the updates; keep them coming. You and our family are in our prayers daily.

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