Bed Time Conversation

I was putting the kids to bed tonight, a job usually done by Daddy, but he had to work tonight.

“Mom, I think you should take Daddy’s head and put it on your body.” Hmmm really, why is that Ally?  “Because, I don’t want my toy’s broke or taken away.”  Now I haven’t broken any of her toys and I haven’t threatened to take any of them away anytime today or in the past few days.  “oh and Mom you should put spices on your tummy so that you can turn into Daddy.”  Still trying to keep a straight face as Jayden is rolling on his bed laughing.  Why would you want that Ally?  “So that my toys don’t get broke.”

At this point I don’t really know what to respond to my daughter, what’s with the broken toys and Mommy.  I promise I have not been going around breaking the childs toys.

Well Ally, what would happen to Daddy if I took his head and put it on my body?  “I don’t know it would kill you, and your head would melt.”

To tell the truth I’m rather speechless now.  My child has a morbid imagination and wants me dead and in a very disturbing way.  I think I might need counseling for her.  Oh and she said it all with a smile.


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