Ally Drama

“You broke my heart!!!”  This is what I hear coming from my little girls room yesterday after she got sent to her room for not calming down.

I want to start with an apology to my parents.  I’m so sorry if this is how I was when I was younger.  I know now I very much overreacted and was overly sensitive and cried much to easily.

I called Ally and Timmy to come inside, as one they were playing in the pool without permission and two it looked like it was going to rain in the near future.  Ally started to cry and wouldn’t calm down so I sent her to her room until she could be calm.  She sits in their on her bed bawling “You broke my heart, you broke my heart!”

She finally calms down enough to return to the living room.  I ask her to come talk to me for a minute so she understands why she had to come inside, and it was not for the intention of breaking her heart.  She proceeds to tell me that, I have broken her heart by not allowing her to play in the sandbox, and that she is no longer my princess because  I broke her heart.  As she begins to cry uncontrollably again, she gets sent back to her room.  After she calms down again I again try to talk to her about why she was asked to come inside, finally a break through.

She says she understands but ends with, but I’m still not your princess, I’m just Daddy’s princess, because you broke my heart.


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  1. danielle Said:

    oh my. that is hilarious. no she’s not a princess, she’s a QUEEN of drama. 🙂 audrey is following in her footsteps. so i now i know where you blog.
    in case you were wondering, i still feel a pang in my heart when i pass your house. *sigh*

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